music monday...the go go's

It's Monday.  Insert cuss word of your choice here.  
This is just going to be my new Monday mantra.  I actually used it in an email today.  Really, I did.
Some people like Mondays and are excited for the week to begin.  I am not one of those people.
At any rate, we can't do away with Mondays.  Best to just get into the groove of the new week and get on with it.  Fun upbeat music is always helpful for doing that.  And the Go Go's will suffice quite nicely...
music monday ... the go go's on
Are you a super cool kid of the 80's like me?  Maybe not.  
But even if you weren't there, you can appreciate the hip vibes of The Go Go's. 

music monday ... the go go's on
Fun, sexy, strong feminist ladies that knew how to get you up and dancing.

belinda carlisle ... the go go's
I always had a little bit of a lady crush on Belinda Carlisle.  Wasn't she cute?

Jane Wiedlin ... the go go's
Besides Belinda, Jane Wiedlin was the other Go Go that became a separate entity all in her own right in the music world.

music monday ... the go go's on

music monday ... the go go's on
These ladies really rocked it.
Vacation, We Got the Beat, Our Lips are Sealed...They put out a ton of fantastic 80s music.

And I saved this one just for you to help you get through the Monday Blues...Enjoy!

Here's to Friday getting here quick...Julie

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