geometric excellence

Set of 3 White Floating Honeycomb Shelves

Fact about me:  I'm a civil engineer.  So it should not come as any shock to you that I'm particularly fond of math and science.  It's really the certainty of it all that attracts me to these things.  They are subjects that involve analysis, interpretation, and proof.  No doubt, often times there is a lot of disproving of things that have previously been proven, too.  But for the most part, there is no ambiguity to math and science.  They just are.    

Besides math and science, I am also drawn to creativity and design.  Many people see a divide between creativity/design and math/science.  There are tech geeks and design geeks.  I guess I see it a little differently.  Math and science are everything...the universe.  Creativity and design are what the universe uses to make things that are vital and necessary to happiness in life.  So really, the two go hand in hand.  In my mind anyways.  Creativity/design can't live in a world without math/science and vice versa.  It's the juxtaposition of the two that maintains the balance.  Good example:  where would Apple be without either math/science or creativity/design?

The latest geometric design trends are the perfect illustrations of how the two schools of thinking can combine and coexist peacefully together.  Here are a few etsy items that have recently made it to my favorites list.

Khaki Geometric Pillow Cover with Lime Green, Teal, Brown, Gray, Pink Chevrons -  45cm Cushion - 18"x18" Cushion Cover

Geometric Hanging Porcelain Planter with Leather Cord Size Large

Geometric Wood Candle holders Decoration

Geometric art print, colorful abstract art, Scandinavian design, gemotrical illustration wall decor, retro mid century modern poster A4 8x10

Hope your week is shaping up nicely, Julie

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