friday favorites...9/6/13

Here's just a few of the things that I'm finding myself into this week...

This magazine...Domino is my all-time favorite.  As many of you other design geeks out there know, it was sadly put to rest a few years ago.  But the word on the street (according to the domino magazine instagram feed a couple of days ago) is that it's coming back for good as a quarterly mag.  Stay tuned.

This book...Yes, I've already seen the film.  And, yes, I loved it.  That's why I decided to immerse myself in the story long-term.  The book is turning out to be a bit different than the flick, too, so it's well worth the read.  You should read it, too.

pinned here
The rain...There, I said it.  The rain is actually kind of one of my favorite things this week.  That might sound kind of odd coming from a girl who lives in the perpetually rainy state of Washington.  But guess what.  It's been a long gorgeous sunny summer here.  And summer is always busy.  I'm ready to snuggle in and relax indoors while the rain gently pitter patters outdoors.  The thunder and lightning that we experienced last night is actually kind of cool, too.  I'm sure I will be singing a completely different tune in a couple of months, though.  Be prepared for my inevitable future moanings and groanings of how the rain never quits.  It will most definitely happen.

pumpkin magic bars
This recipe...It's got the words "pumpkin" and "magic" in it.  What could be better?  As the afore-mentioned rain has begun to set in around these parts, it's got me thinking about Autumn and Autumn means the Fall harvest and the Fall Harvest means pumpkin.  This recipe looks like it has pumpkin AND coconut in it.  PUMPKIN AND COCONUT.  Enough said.  Must try it.

These ladies and their Instagram feeds...Brandi (@BuenoBrandi) and Kelly (@Iheartbueno) of Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno.  Besides having a great blog and their own jewelry line, they both have quite the knack for cool photography and always seem to capture some of the most innovative shots.  Their approach to life is fresh, young, fun and adventurous and I totally dig the amazing way they manage to portray that through their instagram photos.  These girls really know how to live.

This necklace by Moorea Seal.  You can find it here.  Truth be told, I don't really wear a lot of jewelry.  But truth also be told, I don't have much money to spend on jewelry nor do I currently have the kind of lifestyle that can afford to wear such outfits that require super hip modern jewelry like this.  But if I was living my ideal truth, I would totally have this necklace.  I'm really into the modern geometry style right now.  

That's about it for now.  What are you into this week?

TGIF, Julie


  1. Awe thank you so much! That really means a lot to us that you included us in this post! Xo

  2. <3 you're so sweet, thank you for including my jewelry!!
    xo Moorea



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