a pretty plethora of plums

I was up late last night, so I was lucky enough to catch "Because I Said So" on TV.  Have you seen that movie?  I know, it's not uber sophisticated.  But I am a girl, so although I don't generally like to admit it, I'm usually pretty happy to sit through any kind of rom-com when I get the chance.  Not for the usual reasons, though.  Sometimes I just like movies for their set decoration.  In this one, Mandy Moore lives in the cutest apartment and she has a big plum colored chesterfield sofa.  I know.  To die for.  Right?
I don't usually go for the color purple, but this movie, in conjunction with the impending return of the fall season, has me thinking about it some.

I love this sofa, especially in 'plum' - it's the perfect combination of elegance, classic lines, and easy/comfort. A must-have for me.
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Of course, this sofa is an obvious plum obsession.  Who wouldn't want one?  At least in their dreams.

This pretty plum blouse works for either the office or a night out.  Feel free to ship one my way, Anthropologie.  Just sayin'.

I want to use this palate in a room. Maybe I'll make it my office colours. Beautiful!
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I don't really think there's anything I'd actually want to paint purple, but I do love looking at all these lovely shades together.

how cool would it be to take this moped on a spin? #purple
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Ummm, there's no being on the fence with this vespa color choice.  You've got to be all in.

Whether you live in the city or suburbs, #summer is best captured in a form of plum upside-down almond cake :) #dessert
Will the real plum please stand up?  Or upside down maybe?  Who wants to make me one of these cakes?

Not truly officially plum, but it has to be mentioned that purple (and gold) are going to be high priorities on the family agenda starting this next week.  Go dawgs.

How do you feel about purple?  Yes?  No?  Not in a million years?

Happy Thursday, Julie

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