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It's August (yay!) and even though the summer season is slowly starting to wind down, the sun is still bright and shining and the thermometer is running hot.  And you know what?  Everything is feeling pretty peachy.  So in honor of that, I've decided to celebrate my favorite summer fruit...yep, you guessed it.
This recipe looks pretty much divine in every possible way.  First and foremost, it seems like something that I could do pretty easily without too much time invested.  Plus, it looks totally scrumptious. Obviously.   Just perfect for a warm summer night out on the patio.

And with my beautiful peach pizza, I might also decide to have this lovely peach margarita.  Talk about peach heaven. I don't know, though, too much peach all at once?  Nah. Impossible.

And guess what.  I might also decide to sip my peach margarita with one of these cute striped straws.

Oh, and did I mention how cute I'd look eating my pizza and drinking my margarita while wearing this gorgeous necklace?

And/or this dress?

I might also decide to use this cool iphone (case) to call some friends and invite them to come over to share some of my peachy good eats.

My friends would, of course, be ever-so-impressed with my new art.

And who doesn't want a little more chevron in their life?  This pillow would totally make my life complete.

And there you have it...my ode to the peach.
What kind of fruit have you been indulging in this summer?

cheers, Julie

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