Photography by Lolas Room

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Cameras aren't only for taking photographs...They're for being photographed, too.
I mean, let's be real, cameras (especially vintage cameras) have a beauty all their own.  No?
These photographs of cameras are the lovely work of Lolas Room on Etsy and they are just a few examples of Cassia Beck's photographer brilliance.  Just click on any of the links to go purchase one of these prints for yourself.

Sweet Diana - Camera photography, powder blue, black, retro home decor, gift for husband, teenage room decor

Satellite - Camera photography, mid century, retro wall art, neutral colors, living room decor

Black Tower - Camera photography, mid century, retro wall art, black and silver, living room decor, gift for him

Mint - Camera photo, mint, cream, retro wall art, still life photography, gift for photographer, pastel decor

happy thursday!  Julie

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