friday favorites...10/11/13

Five of my favorite things this week from my Pinterest pinnings...

This picture...It's astronauts.  It's a family.  It's an astronaut family.  
Is this what families are going to look like when we all migrate to the moon?  Kinda cool.

Happy Halloween // Painted Pumpkins (love the rhinestone silver guy in the back)
We're waiting for a bit longer until we get ours still, but I've been thinking about decorating pumpkins lately. 
I'm dying to paint some black and white ones this year.  I really like how these ones are hipped up with all of the embellishments.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll decide to take it up a notch and do the same thing.

This room is just so bright and cheerful...I'm sure it could make anyone feel better after a long hard day out in the trenches.

Be Happy
For you.  For me.  For everyone.  Just a not-so-subtle reminder that happiness is a choice.

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting
The perfect taste of fall...Get in my belly!

Happy Friday, All...Julie

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